Amberly Nichols, LCSW, CAS, RPT-S

Neurodiversity affirming therapist serving children and their families in the Michiana area

About Me

Who I Am


I firmly believe that a child’s play-in whatever form that takes-is a child’s best and most natural form of communication.  I will spend time getting to know your child and engaging them in the kind of play that feels safe and comfortable for THEM.  Whether that includes “traditional play” with toys, art projects, and board games or more neurodivergent play including quietly lining up objects, stimming, or YouTubing, I will enter into their world and respect what is fun for them.  From there we can build on emotional regulation, effective communication (again in ways that are comfortable for THEM), and social tolerance.  I will also work closely with you to help you support and communicate with your child.

Who I Serve


I provide individual and family therapy for children ages five and older.  I primarily serve the  neurodivergent community, including those on the autism spectrum, as well as those with ADD/ADHD.  I also serve families living with mood disorders such as anxiety and depression. 

Neurodiversity Affirming Therapy-What Does That Mean?


The neurodiversity paradigm views conditions such as autism and attention deficits as naturally occurring variants in human neurology. Neurodiversity de-stigmatizes and de-pathologizes cognitive differences. Instead of seeking to make a person more "normal," neurodiversity affirming therapists are accepting of people's differences, help them know themselves, help them communicate their needs, and push for various accommodations. 

Special thanks to Dr. Joel Schwartz who developed the above statement.